What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is holistic, non-invasive bodywork based in the theory that there are zones and reflex areas on the feet, hands and ears that connect with all parts of the body. Rhythmic pressure applied with specific thumb, finger and hand techniques to the feet, hands and ears causes deep relaxation, which in turn helps reduce stress and causes physiological changes in the body. Reflexology promotes balance in the body naturally.


Oregon Reflexology Network

The Oregon Reflexology Network (ORN) is a group of professional reflexologists and body workers, who come together to promote and grow reflexology in Oregon and SW Washington.


Please join us!  We offer you

  • Listings of reflexology workshops, schools and events happening in the Pacific Northwest
  • A professional referral network to promote your business
  • Top teachers for beginning and advanced reflexology classes
  • Participation in public events to interest and educate the public about reflexology
  • A code of ethics and business standards that inspires you
  • Affiliation with the Reflexology Association of America (RAA)
  • Networking to grow your businesses successfully
  • A mentorship program between Professional and Associate members

ORN Mission & Vision


Our Mission is to be a leader in establishing and upholding the highest standards for the professional practice of Reflexology.



Our Vision is to create a cohesive, caring organization that promotes excellence in the practice of reflexology. We accomplish this by providing workshops and other educational opportunities; by presenting reflexology information via emails, newsletters, and website and Facebook posts; by organizing networking events where reflexologists can gather, share information, and support each other; and by promoting community events to increase public awareness of the benefits of reflexology.


Questions about Practicing in Oregon & Washington?

Please  visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.



Contact Us


Oregon Reflexology Network
PO Box 765

Stevenson WA  98648

Phone: 503-593-5848