Touchpoint - Round About: Respiration

Touchpoint: Respiration
Touchpoint: Respiration

Dorthe Krogsgaard

and Peter Lund Frandsen

return to Hood River this fall to present


Round About: Respiration

October 12&13, 2019

9:00-5:00, Hood River, OR


Cost: Early Bird (by September 15):  $350.  After that: $375

ORN Members receive $25 off

14 CEU, ARCB approved

Hood River Location: TBA



Workshop topics:

  • Acute and chronic bronchitis, why is it chronic?
  • COPD, what is it really?
  • Asthma - can the breathing pattern be the cause?
  • Acute and chronic sinusitis, are fungi part of the picture?
  • Allergic rhinitis, understand the quick reactions of mucous membranes

With the reflexology techniques, we can optimize the immune system, dampen the stress response and improve breathing patterns.


Philosophy on breathing

  • Breathing as a bridge between the conscious and the unconscious 
  • Spirit and breath 
  • Respiratory rhythms - chronobiology 
  • Expansion - contraction 
  • Connections to the heart 

With Touchpoint courses and workshops you benefit from having two instructors throughout the days. Dorthe Krogsgaard and Peter Lund Frandsen are both highly experienced international teachers, who present a mixture of theory, demonstrations and lots of hands-on practice.

An extensive, fully illustrated workbook is included with the workshop.


For information and to register, contact:

Marie Louise Penchoen
2556 East Side Road
Hood River,OR 97031
Telephone: (541) 386-7998

Seattle Reflexology & Massage Center-2019 Classes

Seattle Reflexology & Massage
Seattle Reflexology & Massage

Check out for full 2017 schedule and updates and for elective classes.


2019 Class Schedule
Class fees reflect prices when deposit is paid before/after early bird deadline (15 days / $20 for local, 30 days / $40 for specific electives)

May 4-6: Ayurvedic Reflexology “SMART” Seminars. Price/all 3 days   Sharon Stathis (Australia)   $535 / 575

  •              May 4-5   SMART I (Sat-Sun 9 am – 5 pm; 14 credits)   $395 / 435
  •              May 6   SMART II (Mon 9 am – 5 pm; 7 credits)   $200 / 240

May 11: National Reflexology Board Exam by ARCB (PORTLAND, OR): to register call (303) 933-6921 or visit
May 18-19: Introduction to Reflexology   Lisa Hensell   $295
Jun 2: Elder Care (Sun 9–4; 6 credits)   Neil McNeill   $165 / 185
Jun 9: Emotional Toolkit for Reflexologists (Sun 9–5; 7 credits)   Christine Freeland   $175 / 195
Jul 20-21: Introduction to Reflexology   Neil McNeill   $295
Aug 17-18: Natural Foot Health Certification   Dr. Ray McClanahan $TBA
Sept 14-15: Introduction to Reflexology   Lisa Hensell   $295
Sept 28: Business for Reflexologists (Sat 9–5; 7 credits)   Pam Foster   $175 / 195
Sept 29: Ethics (Sun 9–1; meets WA CE requirements for LMPs)   Pam Foster   $100 / 120
Sept 29: Tax Tips for Reflexologists (Sun 2-5)   Pam Foster   $75 / 95
Oct 9: TBA, Water theme (Wed 6–9 pm; 3 credits)   Peter Lund Frandsen (DK)   $85
Oct 9-10: Round About: Fertility (Wed & Thurs 9 am–5 pm; 14 cr)   Dorthe & Peter (Denmark)   $385 / 425
Oct 19: Energy Anatomy (Sat 9am–5 pm; 7 credits)   Peter Lund Frandsen (DK)   $TBA
Nov 9: National Reflexology Board Exam by ARCB (SEATTLE, WA): to register call (303) 933-6921 or visit
Nov 16-17: Introduction to Reflexology   Lisa Hensell   $295
Nov or Dec: Nerve Reflexology Training, Part I of II (4 days, 9 am–5 pm; 28 cr)   Nico Pauly/Griet Rondel (Belgium)   $385 / 425
Jan, 2020: Introduction to Reflexology   Lisa Hensell   $TBA
April, 2020: Reflexology for Babies and Children   Sue Ricks (UK)   $TBA
Classes require a $100 deposit to reserve your space. Early bird deposits for international classes are non-refundable.

If you would like to sign up for a class, please call 206.284.8389. You may send your deposit by mail, use a credit card to pay by phone, or pay in person.

If you have questions, please contact Alida by email at

Pain in Cancer Survivors - Vancouver, B.C.

Vancouver, B.C.

May 6&7, 2019, Monday and Tuesday

Dr. Carol Samuel will be presenting a two day workshop on "Pain in Cancer Survivors." She will discuss the pain associated with chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy, radiation toxicity induced pain, persistent post-surgical pain, pain as a consequence of Hormonal Therapy, and, most importantly, how we can support clients in pain using a combination of reflexology techniques. The techniques learned will be applicable to other health conditions that involve pain.


All supporting materials are provided on the course, and on completion attendees will receive a 'Certificate of Attendance' and two foot charts.


Attendance at this two day workshop is limited to twenty participants to ensure excellence for those attending. Registration will be taken on a first come, first served basis. Course fee: $450.00 + 5% GST Canadian Funds. The Canadian dollar has been trading at approx. US$0.75c these last few weeks.


To learn more about Carol's research, or, to message, her use this link:

Carol's website:


For more information and/or registration:




Kiannaa Leighland Class Schedule 2017-2018

Kiannaa's classes include, Reflexology, Reiki, Raindrop Technique, and Essential Oils.

Vancouver, WA

Check out her workshop list for classes and details:





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Round About: Respiration

October 12&13, 2019

9:00-5:00, Hood River, OR