Join Oregon Reflexology Network (ORN)

Membership, Dues, and Membership Form

 Who can join ORN?

  • Any reflexologist
    • as a Professional, if you have 300 hours or more of reflexology education
    • as an Associate if you have less than 300 hours of reflexology training
  • Someone who'd like to become a reflexologist
  • Someone who'd like to support reflexology


Oregon Reflexology Network Member Benefits

  • Your name and reflexology business listed on the ORN website under “Find a Reflexologist” 
  • A discount on all workshops supported or sponsored by ORN 
  • Annual member gathering with food and usually a free 2-CE workshop
  • Opportunities to get to know other reflexologists
  • Approximately four ORN newsletters a year
  • Opportunities to work together to plan and participate in public events, where you can promote your own business and show people the benefits of reflexology
  • An Oregon Reflexology Network Membership certificate to display in your office


Oregon Reflexology Network is affiliated with the Reflexology Association of America (RAA), a national, professional reflexology organization. The RAA has professional and associate members across the country and is supportive of each state’s efforts to promote reflexology.  We chose to affiliate, believing there is strength in numbers.


New applicants must fill out and send an application to the post office box below.


PAY or RENEW Membership Dues with PayPal--no application needed for RENEWAL. Just choose your level and make your payment.





Membership Application

We invite you to join us!


Please print and fill in the form below, then mail it with your membership dues ($30/year for an associate, $40/year for a professional).

NOTE:  Professional membership requires 300 hours of training; please include documentation. For more information about pathways to obtain the 300 hours, go to the Reflexology Association of America.


Please mail completed forms and checks to:

Oregon Reflexology Network

P.O. Box 765
Stevenson, WA 98648

Or use PayPal above to pay the dues.

New applicants need to mail the membership application and any documentation to the address above.


The Oregon Reflexology Network is a non-profit corporation.  If you would like to support our efforts with a donation, we would welcome it.

Please make checks payable to Oregon Reflexology Network and mail to:


Oregon Reflexology Network

P.O. Box 765
Stevenson, WA 98648

ORN Charter Members

Rhonda Beckman, Mindi  Bender, Heather Boyd, Richard Butler, Colleen Campbell, Lisa Capps, Hania Cennerazzo, Deborah Dowker, Kat Drovdahl, Anne Dunn-Mack, John Forsberg, Jill Fox, Sandra Hachtel, Katie Hellberg, Lisa Hensell, Nancie Hines, Candice Hintze, Emma Holdener, Avery Hoyt, Carolyn Isenhart, Pam Jablonski, Susan Johnston, Debra Jones, Terra Kelsey, Chrys Kendall, Barbara Kilkenny, Mary Mather Kingery,  Pingxiu 'Lisa' Leard,  Kiannaa Leighland, Laurie Lerner, Laureen MacDonald, Karen Martin, Katie McKee, Shelly McVey, Kyle Paladeni, Travis Paulson, Marie Louise Penchoen, Diane Price, Cindy Rice, Angela Sidlo, Lorna Smith, Liz Stiles, Jan Thorpe, Katherine Wadhams, Susan Walling.

Contact Us


Oregon Reflexology Network
PO Box 765

Stevenson WA  98648

Phone: 503-593-5848