Touchpoint: Reflexology for Fertility


An essential reflex for fertility - for both men and women


By Dorthe Krogsgaard and Peter Lund Frandsen, Touchpoint Denmark
August 2019

Working with nerve reflexes for the pelvis.

Infertility is a growing problem, and more and more couples are seeking help for treatment. 
Many are turning to reflexology. Therefore, many reflexologists have specialized in working with fertility. 

Reflexology Reduces Symptom Severity for Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy…/quali…/article/662864/
"Reflexology is a specialized therapy in which firm pressure is applied to reflexes on the feet with the fingers and thumb based on the premise that the foot has reflexes that mirror the rest of the body. Therefore, researchers sought to determine the effects of the technique delivered by a friend or family caregiver in the home setting on HRQOL for women undergoing chemotherapy for advanced breast cancer."
"Change in symptoms was noted from week 2. A significant reduction was seen in symptom severity (mean difference –4.34, SE = 1.85, P =.02) and interference (mean difference –3.69, SE = 1.39, P <.01) in the reflexology group compared with the attention control group."

Changes in caregiver involvement in home-based…

Touchpooint: The Psoas Muscle

Touchpoint psoas reflex points photo
Touchpoint psoas reflex points photo

Round about: The Psoas muscle

By Dorthe Krogsgaard and Peter Lund Frandsen, Denmark - April 2003


"The Psoas major is often involved in a wide variety of problems, ranging from low back pain, lumbar disc degeneration and sciatica over menstruation pain and other painful conditions in the pelvic area, to infertility, kidney problems, and the list goes on…"

For the full article, please visit Touchpoint: 


Reflexology and Integrative Medicine

Nationally Certified Reflexologist Linda Frank's article about Reflexology and Integrative Medicine was published in the Feb. 12, 2016 Health & Wellness section of the Federal Way Mirror. Since the article was published sans endnotes, the full text including the endnotes is available at:



Touchpoint: The Broad Back

Touchppoint: The Broad Back
Touchppoint: The Broad Back

By Dorthe Krogsgaard and Peter Lund Frandsen, Touchpoint Denmark  May 2013
In most reflexology traditions a reflex for the spinal column is depicted on the medial side of the feet, and the spine is mostly worked on the inside of the feet...But in our experience, one can get even better results by using a more three dimensional view on the spine reflex and work the full width of the spine. The spine is indeed quite wide.


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The Heart Is Much More Than A Pump - Touchpoint article


Touchpoint, the Danish school of Reflexology, has a new article about the heart.

"The wealth of new information inspires us to emphasize working more with the heart in all reflexology sessions."


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Linda Frank's article on Human Trafficking in Washington State

Linda Frank, ORN member and Washington reflexologist, is writing a series of articles titled "Help Stop Human Trafficking in Pierce County."   Part I was published on 5-28-15 in the Pierce Progressive:

"There are several ways in which human trafficking has become a huge problem in Washington state, putting our safety – especially the safety of our youth – at risk. This article focuses on the trafficking that I’ve become most familiar with – the low-cost ‘foot massage’ shops that have sprung up all over our communities in recent years."


Dr. Manzanares: NeuroPhysiological Basis for Reflexology

Jesus Manzanares, MD
Jesus Manzanares, MD

“Reflexology can be defined as a reflex technique that is based on the neurobiochemical action produced by stimulating a specific area of the foot that results in a general or partial repercussion in the body. This is possible because of the somatotopic representation (mapping) of the human body on the foot, where every organ and parts of the body are reflected”.
Jesus Manzanares, MD

Read the article at:

Read the pdf:



Hanne Marquardt: Face of the Big Toe

Dorsal Aspect
Dorsal Aspect

by Dorothe Krogsgaard and Peter Lund Frandsen. Read about Hanne Marquardt's Face Reflexology points on the top of the big toe. Translated from the Danish by Marie Louise Penchoen.


Touchpoint: Inflammation & the Immune System

As a reflexologist and body worker, the more updated knowledge you have on the immune system, the better results you can get with chronic diseases.


Did you know:

  • The liver contains special macrophages, Kupfer cells, that make the liver an important immune organ.
  • Problems as different as cardio-vascular disease, migraine, endometriosis, muscle pain, and many more, can be caused by inflammation.
  • The appendix may be a safe house for gut bacteria.
  • The thymus is also called the university of the immune system, educating T-lymphocytes throughout life.
  • 80% of our immune cells are found in the intestines.
  • The lateral side of both thighs from the hip to the knee is an effective area for stimulating the large intestine.
  • With direct electrical contact with the earth, the body takes up free antioxidative electrons (Earthing).
  • 3/4 of body lymph is drained into the veins behind the left collar bone (left terminus).
  • The flow of lymph can be stimulated by working the foot reflex for the cisterna chyli (right foot close to the midine at L1-L3 level) and up through the thoracic duct to the left terminus.
  • Linking with the adrenal reflex is an effective anti-inflammatory technique.

Read the Touchpoint article Inflammation: Enemy and Friend:


Touchpoint: Working with digestion--Turn things upside down

Touchpointphoto: Vagus nerve
Touchpointphoto: Vagus nerve


Sometimes it can be a good idea to turn things upside down, when you are working with a difficult health problem, or when your therapeutic efforts don’t seem to get through. You can break the routine and sharpen your attention by sometimes working the digestive reflex in reverse. This is a good way of changing areas of stagnated energy. Start with the anus and rectum and work your way backwards up through the system. While doing this remember the sore spots and get an overview of the condition of the reflexes.

Link with the Vagus nerve
Now select the 3-5 most affected digestion reflexes and combine them - one at the time - with the nerve reflex point of the vagus nerve. Leave the sore reflex for a moment to give a firm steady impulse to the vagus point (see Photo below). Return to the sore digestive reflex and check if the reaction has changed. Go back and forth a couple of times. Stimulating the vagus nerve will often relieve tension in the digestive reflex.


Stress tips from Touchpoint

Stress is enemy no. 1 for all therapies. How do we get "invited inside" a stressed body with reflexology?  


Sphincters of digestion
Working the 7 sphincters has a positive feed-back reaction on stress.


Stress and respiration
Counting the respiratory rate of your client, gives a hint about the level of stress. A normal average value is 12 breaths per minute.


Golden Arches: Human Feet More Flexible Than We Thought

NPR.ORG article by Deborah Franklin, August 20, 2013

The notion that sport shoes and inserts should keep the human arch stiffly supported is a decades-old assumption that could use some rethinking, according to a British gait analyst who has closely studied more than 25,000 footsteps of healthy people...

See full article:




Human Trafficing: Two Articles

The following articles are used with permission from the American Reflexology Certification Board and were published in Reflexology Today, Spring 2012.

"There are ever increasing issues of illegitimate reflexology parlors involving human trafficking affecting our field..."




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